Six Reasons You Should Own an Electric Bike

Six Reasons You Should Own an Electric Bike

Bicycling is fun, but bicycling on an E-Bike is a blast. If you’ve tried an electric bike, you understand the difference, but electric bikes can provide much more than fun. They can take the work out of workout, the stress out of commuting, and the expense out of driving. Not sure how? Read on to discover these six benefits of having your own E-bike.

  1. Commuting: Take the frustration out of commuting back and forth to work on an E-bike. No longer will your drive to work consist of busy traffic, impossible and expensive parking, and slow public transportation. Instead, you can begin your day with an easy pedal assisted bike ride, breathing fresh air and arriving at work without even breaking a sweat. You can pick up the pace after work, getting a cardio workout before you get home—or not, the choice is yours.
  2. Fitness: Your daily exercise will come natural and at your fitness level on your e-bike. If you need to work less, get the aid of assisted pedaling by setting your controller at a higher speed. Want to work more, lower you controller and pedal faster. Regardless of your necessity or desire, e-bikes get more use by their owners than traditional bicycles, and more use means more physical activity, lower blood sugar levels, increased weight loss, better heart rates, and sound mental health—all while having fun.
  3. Business: If you have a large outdoor facility or live in the city where delivery of packages from one business to another is more efficient on a bicycle, an electric bike could improve the day-to-day function of your business. Employees getting from one warehouse to another will travel quicker on an E-Bike. Your bicycle messenger team can climb hills and avoid busy traffic with ease getting your packages delivered faster than ever before.
  4. Economical: Save wear and tear on your car by leaving it at home. Your E-Bike uses electricity and requires no parking tolls, saving you money on expensive gas and city parking.
  5. Go Green: Because an electric bike uses electricity instead of gas, you can take comfort knowing that you are doing your part to secure a cleaner environment with sustainable transportation.
  6. Share your passion: E-bikes are the perfect gift for the less active and slower partner, child, or adult. With the pedal assist of the E-bike’s motor, your riding partner, whether he or she is your spouse or child, will have no trouble keeping up. Grandparents, get one for yourself and enjoy riding with your grandchildren. No one said getting older meant you had to stop having fun.

At Green EBikes we have bikes for rent or purchase that complement all these benefits. Come in to talk to our staff and we can get you on your E-Bike today. Not local to Santa Rosa Beach? No problem. We have Big Cat™ Premium Electric Bikes for sale in our online store. Pick yours today.

If you use or plan to use your E-Bike in a way not listed here, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email with a picture and short explanation. We’d love to share it on Facebook or our website.

Six Reasons You Should Own an Electric Bike
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Six Reasons You Should Own an Electric Bike
Bicycling is fun, but bicycling on an EBike is a blast. If you’ve yet try an electric bike, read on to discover these six benefits of owning an EBike.
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