Scenic Highway 30A: Not Just another Stretch of Road

Scenic Highway 30A: Not Just another Stretch of Road

Enjoy 20 miles of paradise along the beaches of 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. This short stretch of scenic highway lined with beach communities, shopping, white sands, and emerald green waters is the break everyone needs from the grind of daily life. Take a look at what Scenic Highway 30A has to offer.


The communities of Highway 30A are an eclectic array of unique styles and beauty. The area is composed of main 10 communities with condos, townhouses, and homes stretching from Santa Rosa Beach to Seacrest Beach. You can find everything from southern tradition to luxury beach estates all boasting beautiful beaches, dunes, and activity.


The 20-mile drive of scenic highway 30A is lined with beautiful beaches like those only available in a few parts of the world, including Madagascar, Australia, and New Zealand. With sand dunes that support Oceanside flora and fauna, sugary white sand, and the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico, a beach day on the “Florida Scenic Highway” is as perfect as it gets. Along the drive you will find many public access points that lead straight to the waters where you can stand up paddle board, swim, fish, watch dolphins and other sea life, or just lay on the beach. It’s hard to claim a best feature of the beaches along 30A. Some argue it’s the beauty, others that it’s the escape. Try dipping your toes into the bathtub temperature water of the Gulf of Mexico and decide for yourself.

State Parks

Along 30A are several state parks and conservation areas. In fact, there are nearly 25,000 acres of protected land off or near the 30A highway including Topsail, Grayton Beach, and Deer Lake. Enjoy an afternoon on a kayak, canoe, or stand up paddleboard or a sunset watching both deer and dolphins. If you are looking for adventure, join GreenEBike on a tour of Conservation Park where you can see alligators and other animals, birds, and plant life in their natural setting—untouched by development and human hands.


In addition to enjoying a day on the beach, there are a lot of other activities to enjoy on Highway 30A. Santa Rosa Beach is known for Gulf Place and its music festivals, shopping, and art galleries.

Along the highway runs a bike trail that allows cyclist to tour the entire highway from beginning to end. If 20 miles seem a bit much for you, try shortening it and enjoying the distance on a Santa Rosa Beach bike rental with Green EBike. Follow the highway to your heart’s content stopping along the way to visit the shops and get a bite to eat or get off the beaten bath and on an adventure trail to see the “Real Florida” with a 30A undomesticated bike tour.


Activity requires sustenance, and there is plenty of that available to re-energize and re-fuel on highway 30A. Start with a fresh cup of java in the morning and end with a cocktail at night, and there’s seafood, Italian, American, Asian, and Mexican food all along the way. If you want to enjoy fine dining in an elegant atmosphere, dine at Fish Out of Water with outdoor dining and views of the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t forget to make a stop at Red Bar in Grayton Beach—daily music, great food, eclectic scenery, and great fun for the entire family.


For a girl day on scenic highway 30A, just stop into one of the various retail centers, including Gulf Place, Grand Boulevard, and Baytowne Wharf. You can find everything from bathing suits and beach gear to fine beach art from local artist. To find a steal (umm deal), stop into the outlet stores at Silver Sands. Go in ready to shop and come out with a whole new style.

Scenic Highway 30A

There is plenty more to do on 30A including golf, fishing, and photography, but don’t take our word for it. Hop on “Florida Scenic Highway” 30A and discover beautiful Florida for yourself.

Scenic Highway 30A: Not Just another Stretch of Road
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Scenic Highway 30A: Not Just another Stretch of Road
Enjoy 20 miles of paradise along Scenic Highway 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Discover communities, beaches, state parks, restaurants and shopping.
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