36V12aH Battery Pack

36V12aH Battery Pack


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The Big Cat ® Lithium Ion battery pack is the original battery pack that is supplied through our manufacture. These are straight out of the box Batteries that offer no hassle plug and play. They can be used on any Big Cat ® electric bicycle that has the compatible controller for its size. We currently carry two sizes, the 36V12Ah battery pack which is ideal for any 350-500W 36V set up. The 48V12Ah battery pack which is compatible with any 350-500W 48V set up.

Having an extra battery pack is ideal when you’re riding your electric bike. This will give you the confidence to go the extra mile, enhance your ebike riding experience, and double your range! All battery packs by Big Cat ® come with a 1 year manufacture warranty. Charger is not included.