First Time on a SUP?

First Time on a SUP?

It’s a little like surfing, kayaking, and walking on water all tied into one. Since its introduction in 2005 the stand up paddle board has grown in popularity with people of all ages and fitness levels. Sports enthusiasts have taken the activity to a whole new level with tricks and training workouts.

If you are renting a stand up paddle board, chances are you are not yet ready for tricks. That will take some practice, but learning to stand up and balance on a SUP is relatively easy and can be done in 20 minutes. If this is your first time on a stand up paddle board, you will want to begin on flat, calm water and remember these basic tips.

Getting up

  1. While in standing in knee deep water, lay your paddle across the board with the paddle flat on the water surface.
  2. Gripping the board rails (one hand will also hold the paddle), kneel onto the board with your knees placed right behind the center. If the front of the board extends out of the water and the back end dips in, you are too far back. Adjust so that the board lays flat on the water surface. In this position, take a moment get a feel for your balance while keeping your hands on the sides for stabilization.
  3. When you feel comfortable with your balance, you can begin to stand up, placing one foot at a time behind the center of the board where your knees were.
  4. Once standing, point toes forward with your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and keep your back straight and head up.


Holding the paddle:

  1. With the paddle on the right side of the board, place your left hand on the grip near the top of the paddle and your right hand lower on the shaft.
  2. Arms straight, push the paddle in the water with your top hand while pulling back towards your feet with your bottom hand but allowing your stomach to do most of the work by twisting as you paddle.


  1. Going straight: Paddle making four or five strokes on one side. Reverse hand positions and make another four or five strokes on the other side. Repeat this motion to continue moving forward.
  2. Turning: To turn left or right, paddle on the side of the board that is opposite from the direction you want to turn.
  3. Slowing down: Paddling backwards can either slow you down or reverse your direction.

Falling off

  1. There is a right way and a wrong way to fall off a stand up paddle board. The right way is to fall away from the board so that it doesn’t hit you.

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First Time on a SUP?
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First Time on a SUP?
Your first time on a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board). This article will give you a brief breakdown of how to paddle board if you're just now learning.
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