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At GreenEBikes we love our e-bikes, and we think you will love yours too. Come into our store at 63 DeFuniak Street in Santa Rosa beach, Florida and shop our selection of e-bikes for sale.

You can purchase a BIG CAT™ e-bike, parts, and accessories, or have all warranty and repair services done in our store. We have 100% financing and low monthly payments for qualifying customers. With an e-bike, you can enjoy the bike ride without the work.


Our bike rental customers love their e-bike rental experience, and you will too – so much that you may want one of your own. We carry e-bikes to cater to your specific needs. Our staff strives to provide you with excellent personal customer service as well as the best selection of e-bikes for sale at prices that won’t break your piggy bank.

As a BIG CAT™ distributor, we carry BIG CAT™ premium electric bicycles, including electric Fat Bikes, Electric Beach Cruisers, and Electric Mountain Bikes.

We understand that selecting the right bicycle for your specific needs may become a bit confusing at times. After all, it’s not a $99 purchase at your local discount store. That’s why we have compiled this list of things you should consider before you purchase your e-bike.


  • USE: The first step to choosing an e-bike is to decide how you will use it most. Do you plan to commute, mountain bike or trail ride, run errands, or enjoy relaxing afternoon rides with friends or family members? Your bike features (tires, cargo racks, battery and motor size) could change depending on its use.

  • SIZE: Next you should consider bicycle size. E-bikes come in a variety of sizes to suit both children and adults. Your weight and height can affect your comfort level and the power your bike gets on a charge.

  • COST: A good e-bike can be expensive, but you may find that the benefits offset the price. While gas prices can be as much a $3.00/gallon and rising, a recharge on your e-bike costs only about $0.50 and it can be plugged in anywhere. In addition, you can save on parking and insurance. If you are still worried about the cost, GreenEBikes bikes are premium quality at great prices.

  • BATTERY: E-bikes generally have two types of batteries. Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Lithium Ion. At GreenEBikes we build our bikes using Lithium Ion. Lithium batteries are the latest in battery technology. They last longer, and require less maintenance.

  • TEST RIDE: There’s no better way to see if an e-bike is right for you than trying it for yourself. If you considering purchasing an electric bike, but you’re not sure which one to get or if an e-bike is right for you, you can rely on reviews and critics, but if you really want to experience before you buy, visit GreenEBikes and test drive an e-bike today. Find out for yourself how the bike functions, fits and feels.

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Visit our storefront on 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, call us at 1-800-934-1398, or shop our online store!

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