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Join the ERevolution today on e-bike tours and rentals. GreenEBike electric bike tours and rentals give you the freedom to enjoy Santa Rose Beach and the surrounding community up-close and on your time, regardless of age or physical condition. Enjoy the sights, stop for a beverage, then get back on your rental and hit the road again. You will love seeing the splendor of Florida on a 30A bike rental.

We are located on 63 Defuniak Street in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and offer 4 and 7-hour electric bike rentals. Our staff is available to get you started and point you in the right direction whether your goal is to pedal around the beach, enjoy a little shopping, or find a trail to see some adventure.


Our beach cruiser e-bike rental package includes a powerful, high quality electric bike with an upright seating position for relaxed good times and an über-comfortable laid-back ride. Each bike has 500 Watts of power in a retro-styled package and top-quality components from handlebars to tires. Reach a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 20-30 miles.


  • Powerful Li-Ion Electric Bike

  • Helmet

  • Anti-Theft Bike Lock

4-Hour Cruiser

Book Rental Now! $60/Bike

Full-Day (7 Hours) Cruiser

Book Rental Now! $75/Bike



If you have never ridden an electric bike, you might be wondering how it works. When you rent an electric bike from GreenEBikes, our staff will gladly show you the basics. If you are still deciding whether riding an e-bike rental is right for you, check out these features and riding tips.

Before you take off on your e-bike rentals, you will want to make sure you know where the controls are and how they work.

  • Breaks: You can find these on the handles, similar to a traditional 10-speed. Our bikes have both front and rear tire breaks for even and controlled stopping.

  • Battery: Our bikes run on Lithium-Ion batteries that have 4 to 6 hour charging time, giving you 15-30 miles of travelling distance, depending on rider weight, terrain, wind, charge, and weather conditions.
  • Motor: Motor size varies depending on the bike you rent, but are designed to travel at a maximum speed of 20 MPH.
  • Controller: Each bike is equipped with an LCD controller that helps set the speed of the bike by regulating the amount of energy that goes from the battery to the motor.
  • Throttle: Our bikes have both pedal assist and on demand throttle, letting you either pedal with the motor assistance or let the motor take over fully so you can enjoy just the ride.


Each bike is tested before it is sent out for break uniformity, tire pressure and durability, and battery charge.

Take a moment before setting off to get a feel of your 30A bike rentals. Start with the lowest setting and move up from there when you feel comfortable. Test brake usage, pressure required for electronic assistance, and steering to get a feel of how the bike rides. When you are comfortable, let your adventure begin.

At GreenEBikes we provide bike locks and safety helmets for every bike, every rider.

Come on in to GreenEBikes and enjoy an e-bike rental today. There’s no better way to see Santa Rosa Beach than on e-bike rentals. We’re so sure you will love it, that you may want one to take home.

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